Church Board of Trustees

Libby Eustis,  chair and secretary
Robert Gerber, treasurer
Daniel Ellis, financial advisor
Kendra Chubbuck, clerk
Mabel Ellis
Marie Hamly
Lisa Turner

Allen C Myers  Meet Rev. Allen C.Myers



Last year the Church did a formal layout of its ploChurch signts in the cemetery land they were given some years ago on the south end of the Turner Cemetery on the Thoroughfare near the Kennedy boathouse.  The plan of the plots is now on file at the Knox County Registry of Deeds and several plots were deeded out to local residents last fall.  Remember that the Church reserves these plots for people who are or have been year-round residents of Isle au Haut.  Contact the Church Treasurer if you would like to reserve a plot. 

Last year the Church was also given a plot of land on the south side of the Church that will be made into a memorial park where cremation ashes of year-round or summer residents can be spread.  We are forming a committee to design and construct this memorial park where plaques can be placed to remember those who enjoyed the island over the summers.