Public Meeting to Discuss a Future Power Source for the Island (Isle au Haut Electric Power Company)

The Isle au Haut Electric Power Company will hold an informational meeting on Sunday, August 16, at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall. The cable that supplies electricity for the island is 32 years old; we want to make sure that the island has another source of power if and when it fails. This meeting is intended to be an informal discussion of our investigations into a new source of power. Our investigations have focused on two alternatives — a replacement for our current cable and a solar/battery/diesel hybrid system. At this time we have ballpark estimates of the costs for each kind of system and a good sense of what would be required to make each system work well for the island. We feel this is an important decision and would appreciate thoughtful input from the community. This decision will be a major item of discussion at the company’s annual meeting on August 29.

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