Isle au Haut Trash and Recyclables Guidelines (July 2017)

• ONE (1) CLEAR plastic bag up to 33 gallon size per household per pickup.
• Tie bag securely and double bag if heavy.
• No food or kitchen waste including lobster and seafood shells
• No glass, paper, recyclables, liquor containers or returnables in trash bag
• No construction debris
• Paint cans accepted without lids, and paint inside must be dry.

• Remove waste and double bag separately.

RECYCLABLES – Glass, #2 plastics, magazines/newspapers, cardboard
• GLASS: Bottles and jars must be empty and clean. Remove covers and caps.
Put out in a container that you keep. No window or mirror glass.
• PLASTIC: ONLY #2 plastics accepted. Containers must be empty and rinsed out. Remove lids. Put out in a container that you keep (separate from glass container). All other plastics go into the trash bag.
• MAGAZINES and NEWSPAPERS: Tie securely in bundles not to exceed 8 inches. Three (3) bundles per pickup. Keep bundles dry.
• CARDBOARD: Tie securely in manageable sized bundles. Three (3) bundles per pickup.
If raining, put in clear plastic. Wet cardboard is not accepted.


TIN and aluminum - clean cans and clean aluminum pans. These can go together. No beverage containers- these are returnables and can not go in with the household waste.

#1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 PLASTICS - clean. These can all go together. NO beverage containers - these are returnables and can not go in with the household waste.




Collection: Every Saturday at 8 am July 1 – September 9. Every other Saturday, September 23 –

May 2018 at 8:00 am.. Dates will be marked on the calendar in the Post Office.

Your Cooperation is appreciated! Thank you.

The Trash Collector has the right to reject any materials that do not follow these guidelines. Please call Alvah with any questions 335-2018 with any questions.

The Solid Waste and Recycling Program is a municipal service. All of our trash and recyclables go to Stonington, and the Town pays by weight. These guidelines are an attempt to keep costs down as low as possible.

Prefer a PDF? Recycling Guidelines